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      FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  What does my main page need to be named?

Your main page should be named  one of the following file names:


  • index.html

  • index.htm

  • default.htm

  • default.html

  • index.php

  • default.php


    Our servers will look for your home page starting at the top of the list and work it's way down. If you do not have your home page named one of the above file names your site will not be displayed.

      How do I FTP my web site?
        To FTP your web site to be able to start uploading your whole website to our servers, you will need an FTP client software such as  CUTE FTP and WS_FTP which both use the same basic information. This is:

    HOMEPAGE NAME:  index.html
    WHERE TO POST: You must post to the Public_HTML directory, not subdirectories.
      Does DChostings support CGI scripts, databases, and/or user forums?

    YES. Our servers support CGI scripts, databases and user forums.

    What is CGI?

    CGI (COMMON GATEWAY INTERFACE) is a standard method of extending Web server functionality by executing programs or scripts on a Web server in response to Web browser requests. A common use of CGI is in form processing, where the Web browser sends form data to a CGI script on the server, the script integrates the data with a database, and sends back the results as a Web page.


    What is the path to perl to use with CGI scripts?


    The path to perl is:    #!/usr/bin/perl

      Are there any banners ads put on my web site when I use DChostings as a host?
        Absolutely not. DChostings will not put any banners on your web site. No tricks. No gimmicks. No hidden fees.
      Will I receive confirmation when my Hosting Account is set up?
        Yes, you will receive 2 emails from DChostings when you order any web hosting plan. The first email will contain information about your order and payment instructions. The second email will be a confirmation that your hosting account has been set up. There will be FTP instructions included on this email.
      What content does DChostings allow?
        DChostings only limits the content hosted on our servers if it violates International and/or local laws.

    However please realize we reserve the right to censor any material hosted on our sites. We reserve the right to have the final opinion on such content as stated in our hosting agreement.

      Is there a copy of the Hosting Agreement that I can view?
        You can view our current Hosting Agreement by Here


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